Sunday, August 24, 2008

Updates ..

Wow, it has been a long time since my last update. Finally, I’m going to post a series of things with updates from the last few months.

Fantastic news in late January. “Congratulations, you’re going to have a baby!” It’s one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life and joyous experiences I will ever have. I can’t wait to share my joyous news to my close friends, but my gynae advised to stay quiet until 3 months. Anyway, I spent the first three months of my pregnancy over a toilet and unable to eat well, due to “morning sickness”. There are a few women out there in this world who sail through their pregnancy without so much of glimpse of queasiness but I have no such luck. Fortunately, I felt tremendously better by week 14-16. To me, pregnancy is an amazing journey. Each month brings unique changes for me and my baby’s growth and development. How time flies and my tummy grows!

Gratitude. Back to work in late April after two months break. I owe infinite gratitude to my company which I currently working with. When I found myself expecting, a bit embarrassed to announce the news to my immediate boss as I just started the job less than two months. I was mulling over resigning from the job but have been advised to take leave for rest. Thankful for their understanding and tolerance while I battled with morning sickness. I really appreciated the opportunity.

Soreness. A girlfriend of mine passed away peacefully sometime in June due to cancer. It is not an easy thing to accept a person’s death, especially someone who you close with. A bit regretful that I didn’t spend much time with her. To be frank, she was so brave fighting the cancer. Her determination comforted those around who loved her. I believed that the determination she showed during that fight was one of the qualities her friends and families will never forget about her.

Wonderful. I did a 4D ultrasound scan in my 31 week at TMC. The ultrasound truly captured my baby girl’s appearance. The video clips showing different activities and movements of the baby inside the womb. I saw her sucked her fingers and yawned. I watch the video clips again and again. So cute.. I love her.

Nervousness. How time flies and my tummy grows! I am preparing to deliver, as my baby is due in three weeks time from now. Getting nervous about the delivery but I am looking forward to meeting my baby.

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